Without our volunteers and your gifts we could not do what we do. Our mission depends on investment from our community and we greatly appreciate every gift of money and time.

Annual Funding –

We are raising money for three projects pursuant to our mandate:

  • To Preserve- The acoustic array in the waters of Buck Island is expanding. This successful project needs $60,000 (roughly one-third of the overall budget) from the community to meet its needs.
  • To Educate- We are committed to helping the World Ocean School with it’s St. Croix program this year. They need $30,000 to bring the Roseway experience to 6th Grade students across the island each year.
  • To Enjoy-The popular Jazz In The Park events need funding to carry on their performances each month.


Endowment –

We aspire to build a lasting partnership with our community and the National Park Service.  Toward that goal we are building an endowment to give our mission lasting impact year after year.  If you are interested in making a contribution at this level please contact us to discuss your gift.


Acoustic Array

World Ocean School / Schooner Roseway

World Ocean School provides an authentic method of experiential education at sea that empowers students of diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential as responsible, productive, and engaged community members.

Jazz in the Park

Have you attended the Jazz In The Park concerts? If you have, you’ll know they are a great time.