It’s another great Thursday Lecture at Christiansted:

“Moravian Faith offering Afro-Caribbeans a Cultural Balancing Act in 18th Century Danish West Indies”Louise Sebro

CHRISTIANSTED – On Thursday, November 19, meet Dr. Louise Sebro, who holds a doctorate in history from Lund University, Sweden (2010), specializing in Caribbean History, and hear her talk about the effects of the Moravian faith in the Danish West Indies.

The lecture by Dr. Sebro, is taken from her doctoral dissertation that dealt with the Creolization of Europeans in the 18th century Danish West Indies. It also covered the Afro-Caribbean cultural adjustments from African belief systems and practices that survived in the Moravian Church. By showing how Moravian missionaries shared certain forms of spiritual thought with Africans, it enabled the Afro-Caribbeans to assume multiple ethnic identities in Christian as well as African belief systems. Dr. Sebro offers an example—based on the analysis of the various names used by one woman, Madlena of Popo, who saw herself in different contexts in her West Indian life, simultaneously using an African name, a ‘slave name,’ and a Christian name. This practice suggests her retention of her African cultural and ethnic background, yet demonstrates an ability to adapt to her new West Indian life.

Since 2011, Dr. Sebro has been the head of historic Selsø Slot Museum in Denmark and a researcher of Danish Colonial History with the Danish National Museum. Her visit to the islands is in conjunction with her presentation of a paper as part of the workshop, “The Scandinavian Atlantic and the Caribbean Exchanges,” in St. Thomas, November 10-12.

The lecture will be held from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Danish Guinea West India Company Warehouse/ Slave Market Building. The Christiansted National Historic Site parking lot will be ‘free’ and open for this event until 7PM.

Please note that a meeting of ‘The Friends of the St. Croix National Parks’ will meet from 4:30-5:30 PM just before the lecture in the same location.