CHRISTIANSTED, ST.CROIX – On Thursday, October 8, meet Nicole Angeli, a PhD Candidate at Texas A&M University, and hear her talk on St. Croix Ground Lizards!

In 2008, after 40 years of preparatory habitat restoration, critically endangered St. Croix ground lizards found a new home on the lush paradise of Buck Island Reef National Monument, St. Croix, USVI. Invasive mongoose management began in the1960s and resulted in mongoose eradication by 2001, and starting in 2004 a program of invasive plant management has resulted in the control of invasive plants on over 80% of the island. The lizard population has grown 24-fold, so that locally-born animals now use all of the habitats available. Thank
s to habitat restoration efforts and on-going science, Buck Island is truly a lizard paradise! The St. Croix Ground Lizard project has been profiled locally, and in academic outlets internationally. A forthcoming children’s book, by Nicole Angeli and Jennifer Keats, called “Saving St. Croix Ground Lizards,” will be published by Arbordale Press in 2017.

Learn about the on-going efforts to quantify the colonization of Buck Island by the St. Croix ground lizard. Nicole will also describe her work to identify sites on St. Croix where lizards could be repatriated.

Nicole Angeli with Ground Lizard (1)Nicole received a Master’s of Science in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development at the University of Maryland and her Bachelor’s degree at Johns Hopkins University. Her research integrates spatial modeling and animal physiology to understand why some species persist while others decline.

The lecture will be held from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Danish West India & Guinea Company
Warehouse/Slave Market Building. The Christiansted National Historic Site parking lot will be ‘free’ and open for this event until 7PM.

Please note that a meeting of ‘The Friends of the National Parks of St. Croix’ will meet from 4:30-5:30 PM just before the lecture in the same location.